Carton Flow Rack

Creates a First-In/First Out order picking and storage system for full cartons or single items.


The versatile Interlake Mecalux Carton Flow system is made up of slightly inclined wheel and roller platforms. Goods are deposited on the high end of the rack allowing gravity to pull the products down to the far end, positioned at the exit aisle, creating a first-in/first-out picking system.  The racking for live picking requires a loading or replenishment aisle and a preparation aisle.


The shelf units with custom sized lanes are built using adjustable platforms made up of side panels, entry profiles, exit beams, cross-ties, mini-rails and securing components.  Charge and discharge sides of shelf frames can be individually adjusted (vertical location of the frame) in order to find the most ergonomic position. The rails can also be adjusted in order to find the ideal position for each box.  Shelf units with custom sized lanes may be installed into standard pallet rack frames or in stand-alone carton flow frames.


The live storage wheel tracks are zinc plated steel profiles into which the high-density plastic wheels are fitted with their respective steel axles and guarantee smooth rolling, providing great resistance against impacts when depositing goods.  The wheel tracks snap easily into place and remain securely fastened during use, allowing for a easily customizable lanes for bins and cartons.


The carton flow frames are available in three different widths in the square configuration. This style is fully adjustable and supports multiple shelf units to create a first-in/first-out picking system (FIFO). Contact ESS Group for a rack system evaluation.