About Wire Partitions

A high visibility, durable, ideal solution for guarding areas and securing stored items


Wire partitions can be used in a wide range of storage and security applications.  Wire partition applications include dock doors security cages, tenant storage lockers, security enclosures for industrial and office equipment, and many many more.  Wire partitions can be either woven or welded.  ESS Group can provide quickship wire partitions or we can help design a wire partition solution to meet your needs.   

Browse our wire partitions online or contact ESS Group for a wire partition system evalution. 

  • Industry standard diamond mesh partition
  • Provides lasting protection for materials and personnel
  • Standard gray material stocked in three heights
  • Specified in a wide array of applications
  • Available with in a heavy-duty design for high security applications
  • Heavy duty welded wire mesh provides a strong partition system
  • Engineered for easy installation
  • Hinge doors are pre-hung
  • Fully framed panels do not require field cutting
  • Clean lines make it ideal for high traffic areas
  • Framed wire mesh paneld and doors built to size
  • Designed for simple, yet durable installation
  • Available in single, double, or triple tier configurations
  • Various options available
  • Offered in a heavy-duty portable unit