About Safety Solutions

Installing the appropirate safety equipment systems in your warehouse can increase productivity and efficiency while preventing costly accidents. 
Protect your employees and your equipment!

ESS Group can help design a safety system for your facility that will protect your equipment, products and employees.  Warehouses and manufacturing facilities are very prone to accidents due to the high traffic and fast paced operations that occur daily.  Warehouse facility accidents can be costly and deadly.  Acccidents can be prevented by putting safety systems in place that are customized to your needs.  We want to help you protect your investments in your equipment and in your workers.  

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  • Simple design - installs easily
  • Complies with safety standards - tested to withstand impacts of over 10,000 lbs at 4 mph
  • Heavy-gauge rail construction is more durable than other aisle guarding material types
  • Low cost
  • Durable polyester powder-coat finish resists scratching and fading
  • Provides unmatched fall protection on mezzanines
  • Simple design - installs easily
  • Meets OSHA and BOCA code requirements of 200 lbs load applied at any point/direction
  • Side mount posts available to maximize the floor space of your mezzanine or catwalk
  • Solid kick-plates prevent items from falling through
  • Durable polyester powder-coat finish resists scratching and fading
  • Provides safe loading and unloading from mezzanines
  • Available in 56" and 104" widths
  • Designed for maximum protection - when one side is open, the other is closed
  • Professionally designed for ease-of-use while utilizing high strength steel construction
  • Custom sizes available
  • Protected with a durable, powder coat finish
  • 14 Powder Coat finish colors available
  • Provides safety while loading and unloading on mezzanines
  • Convenient, safe access to mezzanines
  • Availalbe in swing or sliding design
  • Professionally engineered to meet building codes
  • Durable, powder coat finish available in 14 colors


  • Capacity: 900 lb. maximum arresting force
  • Mounting styles: ceiling mounted, free standing monorail and bridge anchor systems
  • Support for framing membersStandard fall prevention systems designed to support multiple workers, each weighing up to 310 lbs with tools
  • Unlimited monorail and runway lengths; 15' span for bridge anchor system
  • Less fall clearance distance requiring less clearance from the anchor point
  • Can be designed and customized for use in a variety of industrial settings
  • Provides protection for workers, increasing efficiency and morale
  • Protects goods and materials from damage due to falling