Modular Building Systems

Modular buildings give you a cost effective solution to in-plant space utilization


Modular buildings can create additional square feet of enclosed spaced in your facility. In addition to the general advantages provided by modular construction, there are many reasons to consider installing a modular building system.

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  • Cost

With an extensive modular building product line, ESS Group can mix and match various components from its line of inplant office systems, XTRA TALL wall systems, and cleanroom systems to ensure that your space is designed and manufactured in the most cost effective manner. ESS Group does not force builders to use standard components that are not the best fit for the application. These benefits are in addition to the inherent benefits of modular construction which include reduced design, architecture, and engineering time...and their associated costs.

  • Quality

All modular building systems offered by ESS Group are manufactured in compliance with ISO standards with a focus on continuous quality improvement and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. ESS Group meets SPC standards and all modular building systems offered are manufactured in a U.S. based facility that is monitored closely for the quality of the individual components. ESS Group can integrate a modular building system properly and seamlessly into your facility.

  • Design & Engineering

ESS Group has the talent and experience to solve nearly any workspace issue. By working closely with the manufacturer, end customers, architects, and general contractors, we utilize this experience to ensure quality and reduce costs.


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