About Mezzanines

 Mezzanine platforms allow you to economically increase existing space
within a warehouse or manufacturing facility without expansion 

Running out of floor space is a common problem that many warehouses and manufacturing facilities experience as business increases.  New construction and expansion can be very expensive and ttime consuming.  Mezzanine platforms offer the ideal solution to add floor space to an existing facility.  Mezzanines can double or triple existing floor space.  

  • Free Standing Mezzanine
  • Designed to be completely free standing
  • Available with spans up to 40+ feet
  • Allows for maximum use of floor level space
  • Allows for full utilization of the mezzanine level
  • Catwalk Mezzanine
  • Increases the capacity of shelving or rack storage areas
  • Existing shelving uprights can provide adequate
  • Support for framing members
  • Columns can be used to support framing members if existing shelving uprights are not adequate
  • Full Mat Mezzanine
  • Combines features of both freestanding and catwalk mezzanine styles
  • Second level can be used for many different applications
  • Can be installed over existing shelving or rack uprights